Wednesday, June 26, 2019 06:31


Careers With Aaen Peach®

We  always require the right minded people. We grow because of you!


We are actively looking for Property, paralegals, lawyers or unqualified but inspirational individuals who are looking to make the difference in their own lives, share in the benefits and flourish in the opportunity of a firm who will believe in them and push them to be the person they what to be.


Looking to get the recognition and rewards that you deserve? An opportunity to develop and benefit from your ideas, your ability? Our clients are looking to find that spark to help make the difference in there lives and we are looking to help them. Aaen Peach truly redefine  and challenge its staff to improve.

All requests and chats are done in the strictest of confidence. Untitled-2

The General Brief!     When you call us you will hopefully have noticed that our staff are gregarious, positive and switched on to the details that make the difference. We do not employ just anyone and experience is not the be all and end all of this market. Being successful takes that special person, a spark, a desire to listen and a balanced viewpoint.

It’s not enough just to work hard, we all want to be rewarded. Rewards come from doing a positive job, avoiding being overloaded with work and making each and every client work. Support and training are of course the key to success, and we don’t stint there either.

If you consider that you can aid the work and service provided by Aaen Peach the partners are always open to a fresh approach; a new venture; a new team member. It is not unheard of for staff to join and bringing with them expertise in areas not already covered and from that initial start good things can flourish.

No agencies will be considered, we prefer to deal with the individuals who have the drive to contact us directly.

If you have any ideas you’d like to discuss, get in touch!