Wednesday, June 26, 2019 06:37

Relax and let Aaen Peach do the work



A Personal Service

Some clients want to be involved others just like to know that we have it covered.

Working together to ensure that your move is a positive one; working together to ensure that your next stage in life is all that you hope it is; moving house is an emotional commitment more than a financial commitment. For this reason Aaen peach have a dedicated legal team who work independently from your personal solicitors to ensure that all that is done is done.

Q “What is the philosophy behind Aaen Peach?”

Answer… “Moving house to your new home is an experience that you should enjoy, the excitement of the venture. Knowing that you are in good hands is not just a commercial decision, it’s a statement of trust. At Aaen Peach we have always understood the importance of getting it right, protecting our clients and ensuring a positive adventure to another stage in life. Choosing to work with Aaen Peach is a decision to take that extra step to protect more that just your asset. A client’s transaction is not just another house move to them or us.”



Either way we think that you will have many things on your mind other that the legalities when you are moving home. At the start of your transaction we will no doubt both discuss how you wish us to help you progress. We know that every client will have their own questions, areas of concern that require us to help in different ways. You may want updates and be kept involved in the legal details or you may want us to just get the job done. Yet, with a busy life and with many things to do before your move, we are sure that you move forward safe in the knowledge that we will keep you informed as your sale purchase or remortgage progresses.

Call our team or ‘CLICK’ here and see why Aaen Peach can help you; help you move from house to home.