Wednesday, July 17, 2019 12:24

Cross Border Legal Help



Your Firm Here, Helping You do well up There.

cropped-AP-Logo.jpgAaen Peach’s strength is its unique reach. The provision of support and in some cases direct legal help to international legal firms. A legal link for clients, Companies and legal firms alike in the expansion of their needs here in Scotland. Our provision of commercial and private legal facilities account for a staggering 35{cd62a54b4cf16a78e7ff72f7c8949aa25eccabf843441f38831fed2fe1435a7f} of our client base. Our understanding and working patterns allow Aaen Peach a trusted legal status to work without barriers.

Providing Truly International Support


cropped-AP-Logo.jpgIsolation is a fundamental barrier to clients, companies and legal services. Unfortunately few firms are prepared and less have the reach. Aaen Peach provide an exclusive Private Legal Facility not just for its own invited clients and firms but a service used by other legal firms.  May wish to provide their clients the very best advice and care when visiting, expanding or just considering a venture in Scotland. Join a unique world wide exclusive service, be part of the new front in legal provision. It’s the service clients have come to expect across the whole of their life’s journey. It comes as no surprise that you and your firm have been referred to Aaen Peach.

If you are in any doubt about our reach, our scope and are sitting in a hotel overlooking the vista in Hong Kong, enjoying a morning coffee in a café in Italy or having a break from a seminar in Huston …. take the challenge and see which ‘Scottish Commercial Lawyer’ your internet search takes you to. Welcome to Aaen Peach ….


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