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Conveyancing Fees


Legal services for private high network clients, their families, private business, trusts and charities. Aaen Peach the choice for those who shape today. A niche, crafted legal insight designed to empower and challenge. A unique legal facility for a new generation.



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Aaen Peach, renowned for its substantial technical understanding. Offering clients a unique insight into Private Legal Facilities. Commercial and private individuals benefit from both the established legal principles and a modern and flexible understanding of the law.




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*Outlays will be applicable for certain types of transactions. Please check with us for further details.



Conveyancing Fees £595.00 + Vat *

Conveyancing Fees Conveyancing Fees Conveyancing Fees Conveyancing Fees Conveyancing Fees Fees Conveyancing Fees Conveyancing Fees Conveyancing Fees

The above quoted fee and the services we provide for you is based upon certain assumptions about the work you will be instructing us on. We have outlined this below. We offer a tailored service to you based on your own unique individual requirements. Our fee quote is designed in such a way as to ensure that you only pay for services that you actually require, as opposed to a generally higher fee that is fixed, where we find some clients require less time spent on their file and others more. We think that this is a fairer way to charge our fee.

We may have to pay outlays on your behalf, depending on the requirements of your transaction. Outlays are not included in your fee quote as these are costs attributable to your transaction that do not form part of the fee we charge.

To assist our clients, we do not tend to ask for payment for these costs during the transaction but would rather clear any charges/outlays on the date of entry from your settlement funds or funds that we ask you to forward to us.

The fee estimate is based on assumptions from the information you have provided. There may be other charges incurred to the government, Inland Revenue, Registers of Scotland and your mortgage lender. It is assumed in the fee quote that the title to the property is not adversely affected in any way and registered on the Land Register of Scotland, and that you are free of any diligence or other debt and that you have all correct documentation ready for the transaction. We have tried to provide you with an outline of some possible outlays that may be applicable below.


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Everyone Pays Outlays


Which Outlays/works are needed in any transaction are only apparent when the missives have been concluded, the titles and reports examined and the Lender advises of their conditions. For this reason no one has a crystal ball to see what may be required. Always remember that someone will require to produce and thereafter pay. Generally in Scotland sellers cover the vast majority of costs but if they refuse and rather than loose the house some buyers undertake the work. The extent of what is required is dictated by others to the transaction. The other solicitor or buyer/sellers will have demands on what you do, any lender will also dictate its own terms. On top of that, surveyors, local authorities and factors all have an impact on the costs. Yes, you can guess what rough outlays will be required, in and effort to budget, but always keep provision in your budget. Below is a rough list of only some of the most common charges and therefore outlays that can pop up.

Government Charges – From Stamp Duty – LBTT returns and ADS Tax to the charges by The Registers Of Scotland. Registration is no longer 1 price fits all. With the new drive to update the government records The Registers may require further Deeds Evidence, Plans Reports, Burden Deeds, Updated Deeds Plans, Links in Title showing prior owners, examination or neighbouring titles, Advance Notices

Bank & Lender Charges – Legal Obligation and Undertakings, CML compliance deeds and reports, 3rd party legal costs for the lender, Lender admin fees, bank charges, ERC Payments, Mortgage Arrangement Fees, Redemption Sums, Deeds Storage, Deeds Release , Lift and Help to Buy government schemes.

Searches & Reports – Legal Reports and Legal Updates, Register of inhibition, Company/Charges, Adjudication, insolvency and Title searches. Property Enquiry and coal reports. Road adoption, flood and enviro reports, SEPA and water reports,  

Professional Advisers – Title indemnity Insurance, structural reports, Factors Fees and Invoices, Estate Agents, Surveyors, Specialist Damp/Timber Reports and guarantees, LOC Reports, Local Authority Documents, Architects Documents, NHBC certification, Road Bonds and Builder Undertakings, Duplicate and replacement certificates and Plans,

Aaen Peach work hard to reduce the costs of your outlays by strong negotiation and by seeking alternative cost effective solutions. Unfortunately some charges cannot be avoided but outlays are payments to others not Aaen Peach and as such keeping the costs down benefit you and reflect well on us. Some clients appreciate that cheap guarantees or reports are not worth the paper they are written on. Given how much is on the line we only use indemnified specialist companies who have a 5 star record.






Who Are Aaen Peach?

Aaen Peach  are highly regarded for their innovative and friendly approach by some of the leading property and financial agents in Scotland. As expert property solicitors their experienced and dedicated legal and service oriented team, they undertake legal work across Scotland from the Islands to the Borders, (and all the bits in-between). Aaen Peach apply their own particular brand encompasing both a practical and personal approach to provide the best legal service and expert property advice to you, their client.

Aaen Peach maintain a client centred ethos. The close working relationships between Aaen Peach legal, your professional agent or advisor, and you the client, are the keys to the success and the smooth running of your work. It comes as no surprise that you have been advised to use Aaen Peach.