Wednesday, June 26, 2019 07:09

Why Choose Aaen Peach?



The team for the right reasons.

Preparation and presentation are vital when dealing in property, drafting contracts and agreements or protecting your interests – a fact never lost at Aaen peach Law. Choosing your legal team to aid you in your negotiations can be even more critical. Like a good accountant, hundreds and even thousands of pounds can be saved; so choose the right team for the right reasons; choose Aaen Peach.




You don’t want the same, you want better.

As expert property  and commercial lawyers, Aaen Peach have a proven track record of providing results for clients in a competitive market. We aren’t solely about law – we try to approach everything from a commercial and pragmatic angle. You don’t want red legal tape slowing things down and neither do we. We like results, not endless debate. Call us and see why Aaen Peach continue to grow in tandem with our returning clients.

Wide reach.

Our property and commercial teams are highly regarded within the legal market by both other lawyers and industry professionals including independent financial houses. Aaen Peach are happy to provide legal advice on a daily basis to many high street Banks and Building Societies and are proud to be one of the few who keep such a wide retention of national lenders as clients.




The Market

As property and commercial solicitors, Aaen Peach must be doing something right. Our testimonials, number of returning clients and our business partners alike proves that even in these tough times, value is placed on results backed by a commitment to customer service. Our business partners and clients vote with their feet and for us that’s a good thing. Working with our clients and listening to the demands of purchasers and sellers is the key. This is a critical time for customer focused firms to shine and grow.


When you call us you will hopefully have noticed that our staff are gregarious, positive and switched on to the details that make the difference. We do not employ just anyone and experience is not the be all and end all of this market. Being successful takes that special person, a spark, a desire to listen and a balanced viewpoint.


Our business is driven by service, it’s about working hard, getting results and helping our customers. But it’s not enough just to work hard, we all want to be rewarded. Rewards come from doing a positive job, avoiding being overloaded with work and making each and every client work. Support and training are of course the key to success, and we don’t stint there either.


For everyone there will be expert property solicitor on hand with vast experience who most probably have encountered every conceivable scenario, so yes, support is there and you are encouraged to ask if you have any questions.

Time for Action?

It can be hard enough dealing with the fluctuations in the economy and the competition around. So why not let us help you by looking after the detail and by providing you with the right advice to let you get on with the priorities that make it all worthwhile? Whether you are investing in property or want to set up a new venture, we can help with the legal requirements and make sure you’re as safe as houses, as they say.

Our proactive and inclusive working methods are key to the continued service standards offered to all clients, business partners and introducers alike. As Solicitors, the advice we provide does not fit in a typical box and it doesn’t sit well being mass produced. Each and every client has their own questions, concerns, reasons and motivations. Our drive here at Aaen Peach is to undertake our clients’ legal requirements and complete our instructions with our clients’ very own criteria and particular instructions.

Legal advice will always be a personal interaction. The law can be the more constant of the factors to consider but there will always be debate and differing points of view. Our job is to provide clarity to our clients’ questions; provide certainty in our advice; and provide protection in our deeds and contracts. With the help of our business partners Aaen Peach are in enviable position to draw on the best professionals from the fields of property and finance to secure our clients’ position.