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Important Decisions

Important Decisions

‘The detail is always important to those who would impose on you’

The ‘Art Of War*’ would tell us to prepare and plan for all possibilities prior to any event. Any decision that can affect our lives requires planning, preparation and presentation.  Drafting contracts and agreements or protecting your interests is our part, your part is the decision. The first decision is who to appoint. This in our opinion should be the first and greatest move, for the planning and preparation prior to your negotiations is more critical than the actual event. Like a good accountant, hundreds and even thousands of pounds can be saved so do not underestimate or take your first choice lightly.

*The Art of War is an ancient Chinese military treatise dating from the 5th century BC. Attributed to the ancient Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu – “Master Sun”

Aaen Peach Legal Facilities For Unique Clients - Commercial & Private

Reaching Across

‘Considering expanding your reach into Scotland? Providing a full UK service?

Aaen Peach’s strength is its unique reach. The provision of support and in some cases direct legal help to international legal firms. A legal link for clients, Companies and legal firms alike in the expansion of their needs here in Scotland. Our provision of commercial and private legal facilities account for a staggering 35% of our client base. Our understanding and working patterns allow Aaen Peach a trusted legal status to work without barriers.





  • Domestic Conveyancing
  • Commercial Property
  • Title Transfers
  • Plot and Land Purchase
  • Sale & Purchase
  • Shared Ownership & Equity
  • Contracts
  • Power of Attorney
  • Wills & Executry
  • Confirmation
  • Living Will & Welfare Directives
  • Trusts & Family Protection
  • Contract Law
  • Lease & Tenancy Agreements
  • Minute Agreements
  • Company Law
  • Title & Ownership Investigation
  • Loan & Security Agreements