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Hong Kong To UK 投资在苏格兰

Investing In Scotland


桥梁英国 – AAEN告发 跨多辖区正在与谁投资英国和苏格兰的客户。 AAEN告发,为成长和进步的客户提供独特的利基商业和私人法律意见。随着声音的良好记录和意见依赖,导致AAEN告发真正的国际意识的企业和客户的针对性的了解。

A bridge to the UK – Aaen Peach working across multi jurisdictions with clients who invest in UK and Scotland. Aaen Peach, providing unique niche commercial and private legal advice for growing and progressive clients. With a proven track record of sound and relied on advice, Aaen Peach  leading a targeted understanding of truly internationally minded businesses and clients.

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Scotland has always been an attractive place to invest in property for numerous reasons. We have a sound, established legal system with a strong history of property rights, a stable political landscape and direct links with the European Union allowing access to the largest trading bloc in the world. Property is very well protected and is often viewed as one of the safer investments that can be made in the United Kingdom.

AAEN告发是一个财产律师事务所谁拥有多年都在苏格兰的家用和商用物业市场的经验。我们说话,对任何个人或公司想投资在苏格兰楼市或在苏格兰设立了业务和商业地产相关法律事务的公司。通过对公司和国际大银行从个人 – 我们当前的客户来自不同背景的。

Aaen Peach are a property law firm who have years of experience in both the domestic and commercial property markets in Scotland. We are the firm to speak to for property and business related legal matters for any person or company that would like to invest in the Scottish property market or set up a business in Scotland. Our current clients come from a range of backgrounds – from individuals through to companies and major international banks.



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We continue to prepare the legal ground and provide on going legal support to clients who wish their next generation to study at one of Scotland’s elite Universities. For many of our valued overseas clients who have family at University or are undergoing commercial / professional training.  We provide a secure environment through our Private Legal Facilities. A legal bridge to Scotland and UK.


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What makes us different? Aaen Peach offer Private Legal Facilities to our clients so that we can accompany them during the investment journey, making sure that the funds invested are safe and secure. Many of our investment clients are high net worth individuals and businesses who know that sound decisions require good advice. We understand that country boundaries are becoming less important in a global market and that increasingly, international investors are looking all over the world for the best place to do business.


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For your assistance, we have included links to some further information provided by the Scottish Government and other official executive bodies to point potential investors in the right direction.


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If you are interested in investing in property in Scotland or setting up a business here, please contact us to see how Aaen Peach can help. It always pays dividends to receive the right advice at the beginning of any new venture.

Aaen Peach are a fully regulated legal firm registered with the Law Society of Scotland.

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